A great little app.

Find out more about  Clear .

Find out more about Clear.

With a highly saturated app market particularly in the productivity category, doubtful you've been biting at the bit to find even more apps to "simplify" your life. However, I have one for you. Clear, as it's called, is a beautifully simple little list-maker app. 

A few things that I like about it: 

1. It's very gestural. Rather than clicking buttons, it responds to gestures (slide, pinch, pull, etc.) to add, complete and delete tasks. Once the gestures are learned, which is made easy through their built-in lessons, it's much more efficient than going back and forth via button. 

2. It's very bare-bones. No tweeting, Facebook or whatever-integration. And let's hope it stays that way. There's no way to put in dates, times or alerts, which I see as an asset.

3. Colors are gradated from top to bottom. Which gives an intuitive, visual sense of what's important (or at least more pressing). 

4. You can have multiple lists (school, work, home etc.)