Liturgical Animals

We started Spring Break out with a trip to the OKC Zoo. We had to park what felt like miles away. As we walked, I told my girls to take notice of the people. They're animals too. We're all animals.

In the words of the philosopher James K.A. Smith, humans are liturgical animals.

sidenote: Kara took note of the "Walmart birds" at the groundhog exhibit. Those stupid birds are everywhere.

I also had a chance to do some people watching at the zoo, I mean at the mall. Entrance is free and so are the rides. Nora and I rode the escalator multiple times.

Spring Break is a time to reset, to take stock, to power up before the big push of the final weeks of the spring semester. I always buy a new book for Spring Break. This year's purchase: Gilead by Marilynne Robinson. Picked up a new sketchbook too.

Things are starting out well, and it's only day one.